Register for ESS Lite

Enter your details

You will need your personnel and NI numbers to register.  If you don't know your personnel number ask your manager.

Set up a password and memorable word

Complete the following fields:

  • Email - this is an optional field that can be used to enter a personal email address if you wish, re-enter the same email address to confirm
  • Password - enter a password which matches the requirements displayed on the screen and re-enter the same password to confirm. Do not use your name in your password
  • Memorable word - enter a memorable word which matches the requirements displayed on the screen, re-enter the same memorable word to confirm

Accept terms and conditions

You will see an acceptance of use message at the bottom of the page. Press to tick the box next to "I agree to the above terms of use" then press Register.

The Registration screen will open confirming your account has been successfully registered. Close the web page by pressing X in the top right corner.