Top tips for setting up your team structure

Jul 2 2021

The way your Team Structure is set up on the system will have wide-ranging impacts on your use of the Shared Services Portal.

  • Have you ever experienced issues with your sickness or annual leave going to the wrong person?
  • Has your shopping cart not been approved in time and caused a delay in receiving your goods?
  • Have you experienced issues with your payslip because your overtime was not approved before payroll close?

These real-life examples can be easily avoided by making sure you have carried out the following tasks correctly.


Manager action

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Creating new positions


  • Use Create Position for an employee position; for a Manager position, use Create New Team, as a manager always has a team reporting in to them.Recognise the difference between the ‘create teams’ and ‘create positions’ apps.


  • Consider whether the new role will require financial approval, statutory employment or DBS checks.


  • If the new position is for a manager, ensure this is selected when creating the new role to avoid delays in IT access.



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Requesting IBC Portal Access


  • Managers can find the ‘request IBC portal access form’ in HR apps on the IBC portal app finder.


  • Remember, if you are requesting manager access, the user must be set up as a manager in the IBC system before portal access can be requested.


  • IBC Portal Access is not automatically granted to new starters or movers and must be requested using the form.


  • Advanced access requests will need to be approved by the relevant team within your organisation.



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Setting up Substitutions


  • There are two types of substitutions you can set up; fill in’ substitute or an ‘active’ substitute.


    • Fill in substitutes can be activated to cover a period of unplanned absence. We recommend all managers and shoppers to always have a fill in substitute arrangement in place.


    • Active substitutes are used to cover a period of planned leave.


  • Only managers need to have HR substitutions in place, these can only be your line manager or grandparent manager.


  • Don’t forget to press the ‘take over’ button if you are acting as a substitute.



Manage substitutions | Staff and managers (