Substitutions and Annual Leave best practice

Before you head off for your break, please ensure that you have booked your annual leave and, if you are a manager, set up your substitutes on the IBC portal so that business can continue smoothly in your absence

Aug 29 2023

If you are unsure about how to book annual leave or set up a substitute, please visit our guidance pages and use the search bar to find links to everything you might need. Don’t forget, if you need further support then webchat is also available, just look out for the orange icon that says ‘need help? Chat now’.


If you need any further assistance, you can message an advisor from any page where you see the webchat icon. Customers have rated this as the quickest and most useful way to resolve an enquiry.

What are substitutes?

Substitutions allow work items to be delegated during your absence so they can continue to be approved or processed, examples of items that might need actioning include:

  • Annual leave approval;
  • Sickness notifications;
  • Monitoring of tasks (eg notifying a manager when someone's vetting is expiring);
  • Purchases needing financial approval.  

If you do not set up a substitution, then the above activities will not be progressed during your absence.

When you return to work following a planned absence you will need to turn off the substitution, so tasks stop going to your substitute. To do this you will need change the Activation Status to ‘Off’ against the relevant substitute. Read the guidance for more details, just search ‘substitution’ in the search bar.

We are happy to let you know that IBC Shared Services will be open as usual during the holiday period should you need to get in contact with us.