Finance reports: Save your customised layouts

Jul 29 2021

Have you ever updated the layout of a finance report on the IBC portal and wanted to save it for future use? 

We have made changes to some of the BW Finance reports, to allow users to save your own layout(s) when you construct a ‘personalised’ view of a report.  This will enable you to reuse the view in the future, rather than re-constructing the layout each time you run the report.  You will not be able to share these layouts with other users, therefore the send link functionality has been removed from these reports. 

The report variables will run on your user defaults (period and cost centre group), once you have selected your custom-made layout from the options you have saved, if you don’t have any default variables, the variables screen will show, and you will be prompted to complete this.  

These enhancements will be effective from 02 August 2021. At this point the web guidance pages will be updated to support users.

This functionality will be made available across all BW reports over the coming months. Finance reports are the first to adopt this new functionality.