New apps for managing substitution

Oct 31 2022

We have created two new apps to support management of substitutions – a simplified ‘Manage Substitutes’ app that is easier to use and ‘View Team Substitutes’ which allows line managers to check and view the substitute managers of their team members.

What does this mean for line managers?

  • The app will suggest the user sets up their line manager as an ‘All’ type substitute, so that users who are unfamiliar with the setup are guided to the most simple arrangement
  • You no longer need to specify dates when setting up a substitute, so you can set it up whenever is convenient, and control the timing of the substitution later
  • Substitutions will not be activated immediately, making it easier to control when they start
  • When a substitution is activated or deactivated, your substitute will receive a notification

The new app should appear on your IBC Portal landing screen automatically. If it does not, and if you had the old ‘Manage Substitutes’ app pinned to your IBC Portal landing screen, you may need to remove the old app from your home page and add the new ‘Manage Substitutes’ app in its place. You can do so by navigating the Portal to find the app and then following the guidance on the ‘Personalise your Portal’ web guidance.

For more information about substitutions, please see the following guidance pages: