Time Recording Enhancements

Jan 31 2022

As part of the Shared Services Development Programme, systems and processes for completing timesheets have been improved, to make them easier for everyone to use.

The key changes are:

  • Updates to the My Timesheet app and overhaul of the Enter Time Worked and Enter Timesheets apps, including:
    • Moving the Enter Timesheets functionality to My Timesheet, removing the need for separate apps
    • A new method for data entry, simplifying the process
    • Enhancements to the 'Favourites' functionality, making it easier to enter repeat claims
    • Improved system generated help text, assisting you to make the correct code selection
    • Improvements to accessibility
  • Updates to the Manager Approvals app and processes:
    • An up-to-date layout, consistent with other portal apps, for user friendliness
    • Focussed buttons for specific actions, reducing confusion
    • Creation of a reminder notification, sent before payroll closure for any remaining approvals
    • A new app to easily see and action any claims awaiting approval
  • A new app for reviewing historic entries, enhancing the self-service options available to employees and managers

Important: For users who have personalised the layout of their IBC Portal or ESS (e.g. pinned a new tile to the ESS section), they will not see the new My timesheet tile as default, it will show as “Cannot load tile”. Users will need to select the person icon in the top right, select “Edit Home Page” followed by the “Add” or “Reset” button to see the new tile.

Further information can be found in the Time Recording Enhancements presentation.