Check out new functionality in our shopping tools

Jan 31 2022

As part of the Shared Services Development Programme, a new suite of shopping reports has been created, along with apps to provide shoppers and managers with a full picture of the end to end shopping process. These enhancements will provide a central point for shoppers and managers to monitor their purchase orders and invoices, making it easier to self-serve when managing supplier accounts, purchase orders and payments, reducing the risk of rejected invoices and late payments to suppliers.

 There are five new reports and two apps as follows:

  • Shopping Cart Status
  • Purchase Order Details
  • Supplier Invoice and Payments
  • Supplier Balance
  • Purchase Order Invoice Status
  • View Purchase Order
  • View Supplier Invoice

Highlights of new functionality include:

  • View who a shopping cart has been sent to for approval using Shopping Cart Status
  • View the status of a purchase order and clearly identify what has been paid and the remaining balance of purchase orders using Purchase Order Details
  • Tracking centrally processed invoices from the point of scanning through to payment and viewing the invoice image using the Purchase Order Invoice Status Report and View Supplier Invoice app
  • Identify who a centrally processed invoice is with and what action is required using Purchase Order Invoice Status Report
  • View all purchase order and non-purchase order payment details using Supplier Invoice and Payments
  • Easily identify when an invoice is blocked for payment using Supplier Invoice and Payments
  • View VAT paid using Supplier Invoice and Payments
  • View full details of a supplier account balance using Supplier Balance
  • Drill through between the different shopping reports to see different stages of the purchasing process
Read about shopping reports on the Shared Services portal.