Webchat help just got quicker

Sep 28 2023

IBC colleagues know that when you start a webchat, you need help, and you want to get to the point quickly. We’re continually reviewing processes to see if we can resolve your enquiries in less time. 

Our recent checks have reassured us that your customer data is fully protected by your organisation’s security policy. The extra identity checks we used to make, at the start of a webchat, can be removed without compromising security. Now when you launch a webchat on the IBC Shared Services Portal, you won’t be asked any additional identification and verification questions. This means you can get chatting quickly and resolve your issue. 

Don’t forget if you have a query, visit the guidance pages first, by searching for your keyword on the IBC Shared Services homepage. If you can’t find the answer to your question, look for the orange webchat icon to get instant help.