I’ve got a question about self-service. What do I do?

Apr 9 2024

How do you change the incorrect start date for your new starter?
Are you wondering why your tax code has changed?
One of your team hasn't booked their leave correctly, how do you sort it out?
Do you need to recruit a new team member?

Don't worry!  These and many more questions you may have can be answered by the Shared Services (IBC) guidance.

It's quick and straightforward, and this simple guide will make things even easier!
First things first, are you new to Shared Services (IBC) and Self-service?  Don't worry! We provide additional support to get you started.  Take a look at New to self-service | Staff and managers (hants.gov.uk) This will provide you with step by step instructions to help you get started and make your life easier, including how to raise and manage an enquiry, set up your Employee Self Service (ESS), navigate and personalise your view.  You'll be using the Portal with ease in no time.  
Talking of making your life easier - Use the ‘search for help’ bar on the Shared Services (IBC) portal to get a quick answer to your question.  You have access to over 250 guidance pages, providing step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and tutorial videos.  Use the search bar to find the topic you need help with, and look out for webchat icon, which is available on many of these pages, where you can chat with a specialist if you need further support. 

Some extra hints & tips...

to make your life easier and ensure you get the answer you want, as quickly as possible:
If appropriate, speak to your manager in the first instance, often your manager can answer your question for you, or they need to raise the query on your behalf.
Check your Employee Self Service (ESS) portal to make sure your contact information is up to date.
Only raise enquiries for yourself or someone you manage.
Make sure you include as much information as possible.  It will save you time:
-Have a clear title that accurately explains your enquiry.
-Include the relevant personnel number.
-Attach screenshots, dates, and times where relevant.

Get started today and familiarise yourself with the Shared Services (IBC) portal.