Check out the recruitment guidance makeover!

Jan 16 2024

Shared Services has been working hard to improve your recruitment experience, including transforming the recruitment guidance, ensuring that the pages are easy to follow, engaging and accessible.
A new interactive decision tree will help you identify the right recruitment process to follow. A number of tutorial videos will show you how to complete key steps in the system. FAQs and helpful tips will give you quick answers. All accessible through our Shared Services recruitment guidance library, the guidance will make your recruitment journey quicker and easier.
Also, we continuously review and improve our guidance pages and are keen to hear from you. Let us know what you think of them by answering the ‘was this page useful?’ question at the bottom of the page.
You can now also opt into the new improved SuccessFactors interface, offering a better candidate application layout, a better visual distinction between applicants, differentiation between external and agency candidates, and improved CV and cover letter management.
Check out the new guidance by searching for ‘recruitment’ on the Shared Services homepage. If you are a line manager, you can access SuccessFactors and opt-in to the new layout, by clicking ‘Manage Recruitment’ on the Shared Services homepage.