Please check and update your personal information on ESS

Jan 2 2024

Please check your employee record is up to date. It will take you less than five minutes.

Sharing data about yourself on your record helps monitor diversity, and also helps inform policies and practice, making a fairer, more supportive working environment for all. Understanding the profile of the workface and how representative it is of the working area can help establish plans and inform strategies to widen the representation.

What data should be updated?
The data you can share includes:
• Disability or long-term health condition
• Ethnicity
• Gender identity
• Nationality
• Religion
• Sexual orientation
• Whether you have caring responsibilities
• Whether you have been part of the Armed Forces
• Work base address

What should I check?
• Date of Birth 
• National Insurance Number
• Home Address
• Emergency Contact Details 

What if I don’t want to share all these details?
Some of the details are about personal characteristics. These are requested so that your organisation can keep working to become an even more inclusive employer.

If there are details that you would prefer not to give, please select ‘prefer not to say’ rather than leaving your record incomplete, as this confirms that you have updated your information. However, everyone is encouraged to share as much data as they feel able to - this will help to build an accurate picture of your employer’s current workforce, and assist with inclusion and diversity-related work.

Will anyone see my personal data?
This information is processed lawfully and securely.  Your data will be anonymised and form part of statistics that are made available to senior management in your organisation. They will not be able to see your individual responses. 

Go straight to ESS to update your personal details
Find out how to view and manage your personal information