It’s now even quicker and easier to get your enquiries resolved

Mar 20 2023

Did you know that the fastest way to resolve your IBC Shared Services enquiry is to look online first? Here, you will find uncomplicated guidance to help you solve your enquiry.

Online guidance
The online guidance is easy to follow and provides links to everything you might need. In most circumstances, looking through the guidance at your own pace will give you the answers you are looking for. Use the ‘Need help? Search here’ bar to find what you need.

If you need any further assistance, look out for the webchat icon. When starting a webchat, customers are often connected to a specialist advisor in under 20 seconds. If you have a question, you can message an advisor from any page where you see this icon. Customers have rated this as the quickest and most useful way to resolve an enquiry.

What’s new?
While these are the quickest routes to solve your enquiry, some customers are new to self-service or may need further support. If you feel like you need extra help, you can use the newly created ‘need help with self-service’ page where you can webchat with an advisor who will be able to help you self-serve.

What can you do to help us?
Did you know that we have made over 80,000 calls to customers across the Partnership in the last 12 months?

The IBC Shared Services team are committed to having great conversations with you. To help the team reach you, you can make sure that your contact information is kept up to date in your ESS information by searching ‘my information’ in the IBC Shared Services Portal.