Introduction of the new Deletion of Saved Layouts app

Nov 1 2021

At the beginning of August 2021 changes were made to some of the BW Finance reports, to allow users to save their own layouts when constructing a ‘personalised’ view of a report.  As part of the support for this process, we have developed an app that will allow users to delete a saved view that may have been set up in error or is no longer relevant.  This will ensure that users can manage their list of personalised saved layouts to keep them current. 


The new app is called ‘Delete Saved Layouts’ and will be available in the Finance – Reports catalogue.  This enhancement is now effective and the web guidance has been updated to support users.  


Note: The save layouts function is available on selected Finance Reports, therefore the ability to delete layouts is only currently relevant to these.  The save and delete layouts functionality will be made available across all BW reports over the coming months.