What's the fastest way to solve your finance enquiries?

Jan 19 2022

It’s simple - search the guidance here on the Shared Services Portal. The next time you raise an order, or if you're unsure which purchasing route to choose, or you just need a reminder on what to do after your goods and services have been received, you will find easy-to-follow guidance.

Still need support?

If you feel like you still need some support, look out for the orange webchat icon on the guidance pages, to start chatting with one of our specialist advisors who can assist you on the topic of that page. Alternatively, if your enquiry is outside of office hours, or you cannot find the answer on the guidance pages then you can raise an enquiry form. 


To protect your data, our specialist advisors will ask you a few identification and verification (ID&V) questions at the beginning of your interaction.

Once your enquiry is resolved, let us know how we did. We will send you a customer satisfaction survey which helps us continually improve the service we provide as part of the Shared Services Partnership.