Budget managers: Get prepared for the end of the financial year

Mar 16 2022

We're almost at the end of the 2021/22 financial year. If you have budgetary responsibilities, it’s important you are prepared. 

If you are planning on taking annual leave, make sure you have set up your substitutes so that these responsibilities can continue smoothly in your absence.  Further information on setting up substitutes is available on the Shared Services portal help pages. 


  • Check your worklist regularly and action any finance items you receive - eg: 
  • approving invoices for Service Shop purchase orders (POs); 
  • completing Goods Receipts to allow invoices for Simple Shop / eStore POs to be paid (you may also need to refer the work list item back to Shared Services once you have completed this); 
  • confirming that a price-blocked invoice can be paid. 
  • If you need a VAT-only invoice or VAT journal to be processed before year end, send this to the tax team via ‘My Enquiry’ as early as possible. 
  • If you are expecting income, to minimise any unnecessary delays, e-mail the relevant shared in-box for your organisation in advance with the relevant details, including remittance advices.
  • For locally-banked income received before 1 April, please ensure that your portal entries, and the physical banking of your cash and cheques, have been submitted before 1 April. (HCC & OCC only)

Still need support?

If you feel like you still need some support, look out for the orange webchat icon to start chatting with one of our specialist advisors who can assist you on the topic of that webpage. Alternatively, if your enquiry is outside of office hours or you cannot find the answer on the guidance pages then you can raise an enquiry form.