Taking time off this summer?

Jul 15 2022

If you are planning some well-deserved annual leave, or other absence this summer, please ensure that you have:

  • Booked your annual leave correctly on the Shared Services Portal.
  • Set up your substitutes (if you manage people or budgets) so that business can continue smoothly in your absence. 
  • Reviewed your PCard transactions, if you use one, to avoid risk of fraud, lose VAT claims or weaken financial efficiency.
  • Ensure any change in working hours or patterns within your team has been reflected on IBC system, to minimise pay impacts to your staff.

Booking Annual Leave

To book your annual leave and check your leave balance, go to ESS Lite and select 'leave requests'.

For more information please refer to your organisation’s policy, please read the online guidance, where you will now find videos under ‘create leave request’ and ‘view leave history’ to support you with your queries. 

Booking Annual Leave - YouTube

Changing and Withdrawing Annual Leave - YouTube


Setting up substitutes

You can set up an ‘active substitute’ for a planned period of leave, which will allow work items (tasks relating to people or budgets that you manage) to be delegated during your absence, so they can continue to be approved.

When you return to work following a planned absence you will need to turn off the substitution, so tasks stop going to your substitute. To do this simply select ‘Turn Off’ against the relevant substitute.  Further information on setting up substitutes is available on the IBC portal help pages

Reviewing your PCard

Shared Services carries out a regular monitoring exercise to alert cardholders to unreviewed transactions. If a transaction is remains unreviewed and no action is taken, then your P-Card may be suspended. Please refer to your card holder guides on how to review your transactions online.

For more information, check out the new and improved guidance pages on the portal Applying for a Purchasing Card, Using a Purchasing Card, Amending Purchasing Card details or just search for ‘pcard’ in the search bar on the Shared Services Portal.

Have a question?

If you have checked the guidance pages and you are still unsure, try using webchat. If you access webchat via the icon found on the guidance pages, you will reach a specialist advisor who can assist you. Webchat is instant and on average our advisors respond in 18 seconds. Just look out for the orange speech-bubble icon.