How do I access different parts of the IBC portal?

Sep 13 2022

If you find you can’t access particular parts of the portal, or you need access to a report, your line manager can help! Access to some IBC functions is controlled, and your access will need to be requested.

Only your manager can request IBC Portal access or access changes for new and existing employees using the ‘Request IBC Portal Access’ form.

You can find the form by searching ‘IBC Portal Access’ now on the Shared Services Portal, just look for the search bar near the top of the page.

As a manager, how do I know what IBC access my team members have? 

Good news, there is a user assigned SAP security roles report that all managers can run. We would recommend that you run this report before you request IBC portal access for your team members. The report will show you any access role that is currently assigned to your team members.

If you identify that a team member needs a new access role you can request this via the IBC Portal Access Request form.

Where can managers find the form?

Managers can find the IBC Portal Access Request form in the ‘HR- Apps’ catalogue using the IBC Portal App Finder.

Alternatively, managers can select the user from the ‘Direct Reports’ tab in the ‘My Team’ app. Then, choose ‘Request IBC Portal Access’ from the ‘Employee Actions’ options.

What about new team members who have not started yet?

You can request all their access before their start date. There are three standard portal roles:

  • Shopping
  • Finance
  • HR Manager


There are also advanced roles available to request, please see the online guidance to find out more.

Once submitted, the status of the request form can be viewed in the forms list. This will indicate when access has been granted. All Advanced access requests go through a two step approval and will workflow to the relevant teams in your organisation to be reviewed. Once your partnership approval has been granted and they have approved the form, the IT Security Team will action the request.

Where can I find support?

For issues logging onto your ESS please follow the registration guidance before contacting the IT Service Desk.

Once IBC Portal access has been added, if there are issues accessing any of the IBC Portal apps, try the online guidance, please raise an IBC Enquiry selecting ‘IBC Portal Access’ from the drop-down options.