What to do if you are off sick

Recording your sickness on ESS Lite

May 20 2020

If you would normally use ESS Lite to record sickness please ensure you follow these simple steps to make logging your sickness as easy as possible, giving you more time to focus on your recovery:


Entering your sickness

  • Select a reason for your absence from the drop-down list
  • A new drop down option has been added relating to COVID-19
  • Record your first day of sickness, ideally on your first day absent, but it must be within 7 days. Enter your last day of sickness when you return to work. If needed you are able to record your first day and last day of sickness at the same time, ideal if you have only had a very short period of absence;
  • Part day sickness - tick this box if you were absent for part of a day. 
  • Notes - if required, add extra information about the sickness in this field
  • If you are off work for 8 days or longer you must provide a Statement of fitness for work, also known as a ‘fit note’ or 'sick note', which is usually issued by your GP or a hospital doctor. This needs to be given to your manager. 
  • You do still need to notify your manager personally and follow any other departmental absence reporting procedures.
  • Should you make an error you can edit sickness entries that you have submitted incorrectly in the past six months.


Your manager is unable to log your sickness for you, so it's important that you follow these steps to log the sickness within the time frame. Not doing this correctly could impact your pay 


Visit the IBC portal for more information and to log an absence


Absence such as sickness is unpredictable so please make sure you have substitutions set up on the Shared Services (IBC) portal, so that business can continue smoothly in the event of absence. Substitutions allow work items to be delegated during an absence ensuring requests can continue to be approved or processed.