Budget holders: Get prepared for the end of the financial year

Mar 10 2021

The financial year end is 31 March. Could you get ahead of the game to avoid the year end rush? For example, are there any final invoices that could be sent out to customers now, are there any annual orders that can be closed down, or has a grant payment you are expecting not appeared in budget monitoring report yet?

Thinking ahead and considering whether there are transactions or processes that could be done now instead of at the end of March, is one way to help ensure the organisation meets its statutory reporting deadline of 31 May.

If you need any more information, check out the relevant guidance pages here on the Shared Services (IBC) Portal. If you have checked the guidance pages and you are still unsure, you can launch a webchat within the guidance page or via the ‘contact us’ page. Raising a webchat will mean you get an instant response from one of the team in the Customer Support Centre who will help you resolve your issue. Just look out for the orange icon.  

Please also be aware of the payroll deadlines.