Need to submit an expense claim?

Jun 10 2022

What is an expense? 

Your organisation recognises that sometimes you may need to make necessary purchases to carry out the responsibilities of your role. Therefore, an expense is the reimbursement of your expenditure.

How can I claim an expense?

Step 1

Discuss your potential purchase with your manager and read through your organisation’s expenses policy. (You can find it by using the search box on the Shared Services homepage).

Step 2

After you have checked your expenses policy, carry out the necessary purchase. Keep your receipt or take a photo of it.

Step 3

Claim your expense! Visit the Claiming Expenses guidance page to support you in creating your new claim via the ‘my expenses app’ in the portal.

Remember, if your purchase is over £1000, you will need to complete a paper claim form.

Don’t forget!

Expenses cannot be claimed after 3 months of expenditure.

Keep copies/ photos of all receipts for seven years, as you may be asked to provide a copy for auditing purposes.