New improved forms for booking KIT/ SPLIT days

If you need to book a ‘Keep in Touch’ (KIT) or ‘Shared Parental in Touch’ (SPLIT) day, a new improved process will make it easier for both you and your manager

Jun 7 2021

  • The create KIT/SPLIT form is now designed to ensure you enter valid data.
  • You can now amend or delete existing KIT/SPLIT day entries.
  • You will now get a notification in your IBC inbox if your employee has submitted, or changed a KIT/SPLIT day, or if your manager has submitted or changed a KIT/SPLIT day on your behalf.

You can get more help with managing parental leave processes on the web guidance pages. If you still have a query after reading the guidance, you can seek further help using Webchat. Visit the guidance pages, and click on the chat icon, to start your chat instantly.