Web chat expanded giving you better support with your queries

You can now get instant support through web chat on over 63 different guidance pages on the Shared Service portal

May 6 2021

With web chat becoming the preferred way for customers to get issues resolved quickly and efficiently, when they've been unable to self-serve using the guidance, the service has been expanded, providing more support to managers and employees as well as being extended for suppliers.   

Supporting our suppliers 

Suppliers will now be able to get web chat support through a range of activities, including how to supply, registering as a supplier, and getting started with self-service. They will also be able to use chat to query payments and request statements, or even make general enquiries.   

Supporting managers and employees 

For managers web chat is being made available to support queries on managing inboxes and worklists, payment claims, apprenticeships, managing documents, EPF, and My information. The support is also extended across further sickness guidance pages. 

Web chat is also being offered for those who need help in viewing invoices and checking the status they are at in the payment journey. 

Visit the guidance pages and anywhere you see the ‘need help chat now’ icon you can get instant support from a specialist advisor who can assist you on the topic of that page. For general enquires you can access webchat via the ‘contact us’ page.