Understanding your payslip

Does your April payslip look different this month?

May 6 2021

This could be due your organisation’s annual pay increments or a change in your tax codes due to the new financial year. To view or print your payslips, head to ESS Lite, and select My payslips.   

Have a look at the newly updated ‘My Payslip’ guidance pages on the Shared Services Portal. Here you can see a breakdown of your payslip, what to do if you think your pay looks incorrect and get support to help you understand your tax code.  

If your payslip displays a tax code that is different from your most recent P45 or has changed recently (up to 3 months) you should register for a Personal Tax Account, or you can use our tax code query tool to find answers to the most common tax enquiries.   

Have a question?  

If you have checked the guidance pages and you are still unsure, try using webchat. If you access web chat via the icon found on payslip guidance pages, you will reach a specialist advisor who can assist you specifically on your payslip. Web chat is instant and on average our advisors respond in 18 seconds. Just look out for the orange icon.