Recruiting? Right to work checks have changed

Oct 2 2022

The COVID adjusted rules for conducting right to work checks have now ended. Please ensure that you are now completing these checks in line with the current Government guidelines.

For anyone completing right to work checks for individuals, be aware that:

  • When you are checking the validity of the right to work documents, you should ensure you are in the presence of the holder, and in physical possession of the original documents.
  • Any checks that have been verified before Saturday 1 October, but have not been uploaded/provided to the IBC before then, still comply with the previous COVID adjusted rules and will therefore be accepted by the IBC Recruitment team.
  • Any checks that are done in line with the COVID adjusted rules and are verified on/from Saturday 1 October will be rejected by the IBC Recruitment team and will need to be re-completed by the Hiring Manager in line with Government guidelines.

The guidance on the Shared Services (IBC) portal has been updated to reflect these changes.