Your annual leave - reminder

Mar 1 2022

If you have outstanding annual leave, now is the time to think about when you will use it - either by agreeing with your line manager to take some, or all, of your remaining leave between now and the end of March, or by organising for some of it to be carried over. Find out more about carrying leave over.

It's important to book time off, as taking regular leave helps to reduce stress, improve mood and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my leave quota?

You can check your leave quota using the ‘My leave Requests’ app in ESS. When pressing the Entitlements button the screen will display the quotas for annual leave and flexi leave with the dates when they must be used by. This includes the amount of annual leave and flexi leave that you are entitled to during the year, how much you have used, and how much you have available.

My quota for next year is not showing in ESS?

Whilst your leave quota for next year will not show in ESS until April, you can book leave against this quota from November of the previous year.

What should I do if my leave quota is incorrect?

There are many things that may affect your leave quota. This includes your pay, work pattern, hours and service dates. If you believe that your quota is incorrect, please raise this with your manager in the first instance who will be able to check that your details are correct. For more information on this please refer to the ‘my team’ guidance page:

In addition, there is an annual leave calculator available on the help pages so that this can be checked.

Why has my leave been deducted from my main quota rather than my carry forward quota?

If your leave has been deducted from your main quota rather than your carry forward quota, this is likely to be due to a delay in your carry forward quota being added or an incorrect end date on your carry forward quota.

To rectify this, firstly check the end date of your carry forward, if this is showing as 31 March your manager will need to amend the end date. If the end date is 30 March, you will need to withdraw your original request and resubmit this.

I have been on Maternity Leave and have outstanding annual leave. What happens with this?

Where possible, your annual leave should be taken prior to your maternity leave or at the end of your maternity leave. However, this is not always possible and may, on occasion, result in leave needing to be carried forward using the Accrued leave quota.

Your manager will create a new leave quota for you using the ‘Manage absence quota’ app and record this as accrued leave

Is annual leave automated for all staff?

Automated leave is in place for the majority of staff. There are a few exceptions to this which include Pre EHCC, Soulbury, Chief Officers and TUPE staff. Please refer to policy for further information.