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Information on travelling to school that will help you plan your journey

We understand that parents may have some COVID-19 specific questions regarding their child’s Home to School Transport Service from September 2020. Please see answers to our frequently asked questions.

Information on Local Authority funded transport assistance

Who would be eligible and what the arrangements might be

Please retain your child’s bus pass for use in September

If your child has previously been issued with a bus pass to use Hampshire County Council contracted school transport, then you may be aware that we usually issue new ones at the end of the academic year for use in September at the start of the new term. We usually ask schools to issue the passes for continuing pupils on our behalf during July. Not all children are attending school at present, therefore we will need to work differently this year. Please keep your child’s current bus pass to use in September if they are returning to the same school. New applicants will have their passes posted directly to their home address.

If your child has lost their bus pass and you need a replacement then please send an email to The cost for a replacement pass is £20.