New help for Hampshire residents to create and protect a COVID support bubble

New online help is now available for Hampshire residents on how to set up and maintain a support bubble while helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Nov 17 2020

The webpages created by Hampshire County Council provide important guidance on who can create support and childcare bubbles, and how to do so, (including advice for parents with shared custody of children) - as well as an important reminder not to change a bubble once established. 

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Public Health, Councillor Judith Grajewski said: “A bubble is a close support network between two households of a certain number, which can allow each household to safely expand the number of people they have close contact with, at the same time as adhering to the crucial national restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus and keeping loved ones as safe as possible. 

“A bubble can offer a real lifeline in terms of practical, emotional and wellbeing support, as well as some help towards providing a degree of normalcy to everyday life. It can also provide friends for children to play with while keeping close contact with others to a minimum – and in line with Government guidance.”

People in bubbles must still follow the rules around the current national restrictions. These include:

  • Self-isolating at home if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and getting tested
  • Not mixing with anyone from outside your immediate household or support bubble, either inside or outside (although you may meet with one other person in an outside public space)
  • Keeping your distance from anyone not in your household or support bubble – staying two metres apart wherever possible
  • Reducing all but essential travel
  • Wearing a face covering wherever required to do so; and 
  • Washing your hands frequently 

Further detailed guidance about support bubbles is available on the Government's website, including what to do if someone in the bubble tests positive for COVID-19 or is contacted by Test and Trace, and how to support people in your bubble who are clinically extremely vulnerable.